Wednesday, March 13, 2019

"More Than Friends" by Autumn Macarthur

Catriona Maclean is a nurse and the daughter of an Edinburgh pastor. She has a servant’s heart, and her role model is Martha, sister of Mary, of the Gospels. Catriona is almost obsessive in her desire to serve; she’s convinced herself that she will never marry, and it relates to a family situation from years before where, she believes, her selfishness cost her brother.

She’s organized a day at the beach for disabled children, and she has a problem. The man who had promised to help couldn’t go, and she needed a man for the boys, and specifically a man cleared to work with disabled children. The only man who fits the requirements is Alastair Murray, who works in the orthopedic unit at Catriona’s hospital. The problem with Alastair: he was the reason for her act of selfishness years ago; she had to go on a youth group trip because he would be there as well. He’s the best friend of one of her brothers, and Catriona knows she is still in love with him.

Alastair also catches the eyes of the other nurses and woman workers at the hospital. Catriona, who studiously avoids makeup and really caring about her appearance, is convinced he doesn’t think twice about her.

Autumn Macarthur
Except he does. Alastair has always been in love with Catriona, but he senses her desire for distance and non-involvement. He goes out of his way to protect himself as well. He agrees to be her last-minute substitute on the field trip. Complications ensue.

More Than Friends by Autumn Macarthur is the story of Catriona and Alastair, and if and how they will finally realize their mutual love. Told in alternating viewpoints, most of the short novel occurs in one day, the day of the field trip. It’s a lovely little story that focuses the reader on how these two people will come to recognize their feelings for each other.

Macarthur has written numerous books in the Christian inspirational romance genre and inspirational non-fiction. More Than Friends is book 2 in the Macleans Series. She lives in London.

The novel is a quick, easy-to-read romance that sounds all too real when two people go out of their way to ignore, excuse, and explain away their feelings.

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