Friday, March 22, 2019

Sitting at the dealership

Sitting in this nice waiting room
at the car dealership, waiting while
mechanics serviced the car, 
waiting areas didn’t used to be
so nice, this one had coffee, and
bottled water neatly lined up
in a small refrigerator, and popcorn,
with the showroom of new cars
shining and sparkling conveniently 
close by. The gray-haired man
shuffles in, glances at the coffee,
and ponders the pre-packaged muffins,
finally selecting the wild blueberry.
He sits, contented, and opens the book
that had been tucked under his arm.
I’m too far away to see the title, 
but the cover photograph gives it away:
he’s reading Mystery and Manners
by Flannery O’Connor, while he waits
for his car to be serviced, and I think
a good car is hard to find.

Photograph by Daniele Fantin via Unsplash. Used with permission.

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