Friday, March 15, 2019


After Luke 14:12-24

The feast prepared 
and ready, the call goes out 
to come to the beast, 
this would have been 
the second call, the first 
asking if people would come,
and this second call meets
excuses, no I’m too busy,
too many responsibilities,
too many things to take care of,
sorry my wife is calling
sorry I have other plans,
maybe next time. A third call
goes out, instead,
to the poor, the blind,
the crippled, the lame,
the sick, the dregs,
the ignored, the deplorables,
the pariahs, the uneducated,
t6he rubes, the rednecks,
and they come
and they feast.

Photograph by Ryoji Iwata via Unsplash. Used with permission

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