Wednesday, May 20, 2020

“Not Until This Day” by Valerie Bodden

Isabel has been on the run with her young daughter Gabby for three years. She’s running from her abusive and controlling ex-husband. She lands in the town of Hope Springs and finds out that the apartment she thought she rented doesn’t accept pets, like Gabby’s dog. They spend the night in the car; Isabel is nearly at her wit’s end.

Tyler is raising 10-year-old twin boys on his own; his wife left him (and the boys) for another man when the twins were small. His brother and sister-in-law keep suggesting dates, but Tyler is not interested in dating anyone; the hurt runs too deep. 

Valerie Bodden
Tyler first meets Isabel the morning after the sleep-in-the-car “adventure.” It’s not a good experience; he things she might be involved with drugs. That same day, Isabel walks into a job with Tyler’s sister-in-law. Tyler stays suspicious, but soon finds himself in what he thought would ever happen again – an attraction to a woman, and a non-believing woman at that. Trust begins to build, Isabel begins to find faith – and then the ex-husband shows up. Everything begins to unravel when Tyler learns Isabel isn’t who she claimed to be, and her name isn’t even Isabel.

Trust, hope, and forgiveness are the themes of Not Until This Day by Valerie Bodden, one of five novels in Bodden’s “Not Until” series. The others include Not Until ForeverNot Until This MomentNot Until YouNot Until Us, and the short story Not Until Christmas Morning. Bodden, a pastor’s wife, lives with her family in Wisconsin.

Not Until This Day is an engaging, heartwarming story about two people afraid of second chances and learning how to forgive and trust.


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