Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Romancing the Billionaire, Part 5: “The Billionaire’s Temporary Marriage” by Tamie Dearen

Brooke Ponzio faces a highly problematic future. Her husband Nathan has walked out on her for another woman, but not before he left Brooke pregnant. Her employment as a counselor at a conservative foster home agency may be in jeopardy when her pending divorce becomes final. And she’s trying to get her head around being a single mother, which will really raise hackles at work.

Cole Miller is wealthy, handsome, and the new celebrity on a dating and marriage reality TV show. The show’s publicity guarantees he’s recognized anywhere he goes in public. What’s most important, however, is finding out why he was given up for adoption, and if the left hand and forearm he’s missing might have stemmed from a botched abortion. He’s refusing to get involved in any serious relationship until he finds out why his birth mother abandoned him.

Tamie Dearen
Brooke and Cole meet at a local coffee ship. Actually, they collide, and Brooke is doused with coffee. From that unexpected start, a relationship begins to grow. Cole’s lawyer tells him he can get out of the television contract if he marries before the show starts. He suggests a deal to Brooke – a temporary platonic marriage, which will free him from the television show while he pays her enough money to pay off her debts, finish her licensing degree requirements, and provide for her unborn child.

It’s a practical if questionable deal, but Brooke accepts. And then they both discover, after they’re married, that they may be falling in love – except neither knows what the other is feeling.

The Billionaire’s Temporary Marriage by Tamie Dearen is Brooke and Cole’s story. What begins as a marriage of convenience and mutual benefit slowly transforms itself into something else entirely, but it may never really get off the ground because of the baggage both of them are carrying.

Dearen is the author of more than 20 books in the Christian romance, romance, and young adult categories. 

The Billionaire’s Temporary Marriage is a story that veers close to stretching credibility at times, but it ultimately comes down to broken people finding internal courage to mend themselves and each other.

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