Thursday, May 21, 2020

“Six Down,” “Somewhere in England,” and “Dark Progression” by Glenn McGoldrick

Dark story writer Glenn McGoldrick is back, this time with three stories with enough twists to remind older readers of the old Twilight Zone television series.

In Six Down, police are on a stakeout, watching and waiting for an extortionist to pick up the cash. But the suspect turns out to be unexpected, and the question becomes whether the crime is justified, or not.

In Somewhere in England, a pretty hitchhiker wearing suggestive clothes has no trouble finding rides. It’s the drivers who discover they may have picked up more than they bargained for. And we listen to the hitchhiker’s interior monologue as she considers whether the driver deserves the kind of justice she metes out.

In Dark Progression, a “Dark Teesside” short story, a man seemingly concerned about a dead duck in the water sees that he’s being watched. He hurries away but is followed. He loses the man following him, until he arrives home. And then the story takes an unexpected turn.  

Glenn McGoldrick
McGoldrick specializes in short stories, which he’s been writing since 2013. He worked for both land-based casinos and cruise ships for a time, using those experiences for many of his stories. He lives in northeastern England. His stories are dark, gritty, often involve a twist, and inevitably open insights into the human psyche. And his characters run the gamut of good, bad, and something in between, and often find themselves moving far beyond the boundaries of acceptable behavior. 

Like the other stories published by McGoldrick, Six DownSomewhere in England, and Dark Progression are provocative, surprising, and often disturbing. And always entertaining.


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