Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Megan Willome Reviews "Dancing Prince"

It begins and ends with an open door. 
“The first line of the book and the last line. It’s so subtle,” said Glynn Young, author of Dancing Prince, the fifth and final in the Dancing Priest series.  
“They are very different kinds of doors and implications. I would like to say I plotted it out, but I did not. As I was finishing, I knew, ‘That’s how it has to end, just before they walk into the room.’ Then it hit me, ‘That’s how it begins.’”
I had not noticed this symmetry, although I liked the first sentence so much I did a sacred reading on it. Just a little lectio divina on these seven words: “She must have left the door ajar.”
To continue reading, please see Megan Willome’s review of Dancing Prince.


Megan Willome said...

Thanks, Glynn!

Martha Jane Orlando said...

Left a comment on Megan's site, Glynn. You know I can't wait to reread all your wonderful books!