Wednesday, July 28, 2021

"Love on a Limb" by Laurie Lewis

Matt Grayken has wealthy parents and his own highly successful personal travel business. He’s a handsome man, respected by his employees, and loved by his parents. But Matt has a problem; he has leukemia. He had it as a young child and a recurrence some years before as a young adult. And now it’s back. 

What he doesn’t want is his health to be overseen by his parents. He loves them, but they managed his previous recurrence, and it nearly killed him. He needs someone to be in charge, and he develops a plan to marry for health reasons. And the woman he chooses in Mikaela Compton, a nurse specializing in oncology. They haven’t met, but he’s overheard her comforting other patients. And knowing little else about her, Matt has fallen in love with her.


He arranges a meeting and explains his plan. Almost like a business contract, the marriage would be geared to managing his health, because Matt doesn’t expect to survive this round of leukemia. Mikaela accepts his offer, not knowing he’s in love with her. Before too much time passes, Mikaela finds herself falling in love with Matt. But there are problems looking – his friends, his parents, and the overall hopelessness of his situation. Matt was adopted from Ireland, and no one’s been able to learn what family he might have come from to arrange a possible bone marrow transplant.


Laurie Lewis

Love on a Limb
 by Laurie Lewis is Matt and Mikaela’s story. The premise may strain credibility at first, but the story delivers. It’s a compelling tale with well-researched medical issues and two main characters who are drawn true-to-life. And, as might be expected from a story involving love and life-threatening illness, it’s a tear-jerker. 


Lewis writes historical fiction as L.C. Lewis, romance and women's fiction as Laurie Lewis, and general fiction as Laurie L.C. Lewis. She’s published some 12 novels. Love on a Limb is the first of the Great Expectations Love Stories: The Graykens series: the sequel is Love on the Line.




The Dragons of Alsace Farm by Laurie Lewis.

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