Saturday, February 19, 2022

Saturday Good Reads - Feb. 19, 2022

If there was ever an event that captured what the culture wars are all about, it’s been the Canadian truckers’ protest of recent weeks – and the response of Canada’s prime minister. N.S. Lyons writes about it at length with “Reality Honks Back,” one of the best analyses of the culture wars I’ve ever seen. And Canadian pastor Tim Challies offers some typically well-considered thoughts on the protest. 

One hundred years ago, two things happened that transformed literature and the literary world. Ulysses by James Joyce was finally published (by a Paris bookshop), and T.S. Eliot published The Waste Land. John Self at The Critic Magazine calls it “Literature’s Year Zero.”


In September, 2012, my wife and I stood on The Strand near Trafalgar Square, watching (and waving our British flags) as London celebrated the British Olympic and Paralympic teams with a big parade. We stood directly across from the Charing Cross rail station. What we didn’t know is that the station occupies a physical piece of London history – the Hungerford Market. A London Inheritance has the story of the market, which opened in 1833, and the Hungerford Bridge, something of a technological marvel of its time.


More Good Reads




Intellectual Freedom in Medieval Universities – James Hankins at First Things Magazine.


Why is "Re-Converting" Easier than Repenting? – Samuel James at Insights.


The Music of Heaven – Tim Challies.


What Does ‘Deconstruction’ Even Mean? – Jon Bloom at Desiring God.


Life and Culture


Tilting at Windmills: The “Threat” of Christian Nationalism – Mark David Hall at Freedom Center.


A retired 3-star general explains ‘critical military theory’ – Gregory Newbold at Microsoft Start.


What happens if government unions get control of an entire state? – Mailee Smith at Real Clear Policy.


Studies in a Dying Culture #1 – David Rieff at Desire and Fate.


When Activists Do History – Alex DiPrima at The London Lyceum. 


The Guardians in Retreat: The Art Institute of Chicago Redefines Its Purpose – Heather Mac Donald at CityJournal.




Where Did I Lose My Mind? – Richard Buchanan at Society of Classical Poets.


Salt waves and red rowans – Jane Dougherty at Jane Dougherty Writes. 


American Stuff


The Myth of Mrs. Bixby’s Letter – Chris Mackowski at Emerging Civil War.


Writing and Literature


The Irresistible Rebellious Irreverence at the Heart of Noir – Michael Ledwidge at CrimeReads.


Searching for the Mythical Viking North of Yore – Bernd Brenner at Literary Hub.


Grace – City Alight

Painting: Lady in an Interior, oil on canvas by Carl Vilhelm Holsoe (1863-1935).

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