Friday, February 4, 2022

To build a tower

After Like 14:25-33

To build a tower,

a house, or fortress,

you begin with

an idea, a dream,

a conviction, but

then you do what

must be done,

practically, and

tally the cost.

Without knowing

the cost, you may

start and not finish,

you may be forced

to substitute inferior

materials or turn 

to cheaper craftsmanship,

and your tower, house,

or fortress will not

weather the inevitable

storm. That’s the cost

of diligence, the cost

of discipleship, and

that’s why you count it

beforehand, because

not knowing will destroy

what you build.


Photograph by Victor Malyushev via Unsplash. Used with permission.

1 comment:

Martha Jane Orlando said...

Yet another reminder of how crucial it is to count the cost . . .
Blessings, Glynn!