Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Poems and Photos: Kelly Belmonte, Tom Darin Liskey, and “Transit”

You might say I was there at almost the creation of Transit by Kelly Belmonte and Tom Darin Liskey. 

Well more than a year ago, I was pulled into a Facebook conversation between Belmonte and Liskey. They had been talking for some time about a collaborative effort. Belmonte is a poet, a blogger, and a management consultant specializing in non-profit organizational development.  Liskey is a poet, author, and photographer and photojournalist. If you read Belmonte’s poems and study Liskey’s photographs, a collaborative effort is a no-brainer. 


At the time, they were talking the basics of collaboration: what to include and exclude, how large a work, what publishing venues should be explored, layout and design, and related questions. Fascinated, I listened and offered only a word or two. The collaborators had this project well in hand.

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