Saturday, March 26, 2022

Saturday Good Reads - March 26, 2022

There’s so much news about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It’s difficult enough to separate news from propaganda; I was surprised to find on my Facebook feed a post by a travel agency I’d never heard of and never subscribed to. It featured Russian university students solemnly intoning why Russia had invaded the Ukraine – straight out of Vladimir Putin’s playbook. From the other side, I’m seeing videos allegedly showing successful attacks against Russian tanks, troop carriers, and supply trucks – and then seeing the same videos shared but described as “simulations.” And my antennas of suspicion go on overdrive when the Western news media marches in lockstep in the coverage of anything, as they seem to be doing. 

To try to sort the news from the propaganda, I’ve been looking to sources I trust. Historian Niall Ferguson, writing at Bloomberg Opinion (and I trust Ferguson over Bloomberg), says the fates of Ukraine and Putin turn on seven forces of history. Helen Dale at Law & Liberty says the war is about World War II’s unfinished business. A Ukrainian pastor has a one-word answer when he’s asked what he’s learning during the war (and he’s providing live updates from Kyiv here, as long as the Russians ignore his cell phone tower). Reporter Mstyslav Chernov has a harrowing tale of escape from Mariupol, knowing that the Russian soldiers were told to find and detain journalists (they had a list). Theology professor Bruce Ashford at Christianity for the Common Good asks how the U.S. should respond if the Russians deploy a tactical nuke. Father Jonathan Tobias at Second Terrace offers prayer in a new key, while Ukrainian poet Iryna Shuyalova describes, in a poem, how she deals with what’s happening.


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Painting: Man Reading Newspaper, oil on canvas (ca. 1918) by Hugo Scheiber (1873-1950).

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Glynn, this round up of credible sources on the Ukraine/Russia war is so helpful! Thank you.