Saturday, September 10, 2022

Saturday Good Reads - Sept. 10, 2022

The news alerts seemed to have arrived in rapid succession. First, a report on a health watch, Shortly thereafter came the report that Queen Elizabeth II had died. The day which we all knew was inevitably coming had arrived. I was nine months old when she became Queen; I’ve known no other British monarch. She, perhaps more than any other person, connected me, and the rest of us, to my parents’ generation and all of what they experienced. 

The outpouring from media is a veritable flood. But a few reports stood out for me. David Murray writes about how watching the Queen’s first televised address always makes him cry. Alexander Larman at The Spectator talks about “our remarkable monarch.” Joseph Pearce at The Imaginative Conservative explains why the British monarchy is still relevant. The Art Newspaper featured six of the best photographs from her life. And Carl Trueman at First Things Magazines writes about the Queen’s quiet faith.


God save the King.


More Good Reads


Writing and Literature


The ascent of Barbara Pym – Ann Kennedy Smith at The Critic Magazine.


How Mark Twain’s “Campaign That Failed” Captured the Nature of War in Missouri – Kristen Trout at Emerging Civil War.


The Insistent Cough of Grace: Remembering Frederick Buechner – Michael Farmer at Front Porch Republic.


Life and Culture


Stories Are Light – Millie Sweeny at Story Warren.


College Football’s Twilight: The sport as we know it is changing forever – Theodore Kupfer at CityJournal.


Is 'Rings of Power' Woke? Or Just What We Deserve? – Samuel James at Digital Liberties.


How a Firebombed Pregnancy Center Is Changing the Post-Roe Landscape – Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra at The Gospel Coalition.


A Serious Critic for Unserious Times: Hilton Kramer rejected political correctness to champion aesthetics and standards in art – Brian Allen at CityJournal. 


The Trinity School gets its anti-woke comeuppance – Chilton Williamson Jr. at The Spectator.




More on Projectors in Worship – Wes Bredenhof.


The Stars Still Shine in the Daytime – Seth Lewis.


Age with Joy—Linda Schaible at For the Church.


Letter to a Deconstructing Christian: Your Questions Are Good, But Not That Good: A person who's not open to answers doesn't really have questions – Samuel D. James at Digital Liturgies.




Russia’s war on Wikipedia – Marsha Borak at Rest of World.


Ukraine turns the tables on Russia – Charles Lipson at The Spectator.


American Stuff


A Puritan Founding? – Miles Smith at Mere Orthodoxy.


Reflecting on a Theme: Find a Way to Serve – Sarah Kay Bierle at Emerging Civil War.


News Media


“Facebooks Removed:” A Funny Find from 1999 – Chris Martin at Terms of Service.


British Stuff


Boris helped save Britain from disaster – Rakib Ehsan at The Critic Magazine.




“Broken Blessings” and “Jubilee” – Joshua Fullman at An Unexpected Journal.


For My Queen – Susan Jarvis Bryant at Society of Classical Poets.


The Story of Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel

Photograph: Standing in front of the Victoria Memorial at Buckingham Palace in 2017.

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