Saturday, September 24, 2022

Saturday Good Reads - Sept. 24, 2022

The singer Rich Mullins died 25 years ago this past week. I never need to be reminded of the impact he had; just ask my wife and children. Kevin Burrell at The Rabbit Room remembers the man he calls the sparrow watcher, while Lsia LaGeorge describes the deeply personal reaction she had t the news of his death. 


If you didn’t see the funeral – all of it – for Queen Elizabeth II on Monday, you should find it on YouTube or PBS or BBC. Stephen McAlpine at The Gospel Coalition calls it “one last magnificent porous day.” And it was.


N.S. Lyons at City Journal sees the rise of a new counterculture. If it takes hold, and the signs are positive that it will, it will be “tectonic cultural and political shift.” This new counterculture? The right taking the place of the left.


More Good Reads 


News Media 


A lesson in wrongology: On the media’s humility, or lack thereof – James Bowman at New Criterion. 


Inside the Documentary Cash Grab – Mia Galuppo and Katie Kilkenny at The Hollywood Reporter.


Traffic to local news sites has plummeted. What happens now? – Rick Edmonds at Poynter.




Queen Elizabeth II and the Church of England: The late monarch’s faith beliefs – Deidre Reilly at Fox News.


Trusting in the Absence of Peace – Aubrynn at Grace Abounding in OCD.


Life and Culture


How to Keep Quarreling: A Brief Guide – David Deavel at The Imaginative Conservative.


Intermission: Last Post for Christian England – Paul Kingsnorth at The Abbey of Misrule.


Farwell to the Elizabethan Era – Jonathan Van Maren at The Bridgehead.


The For-Profit D.C. Firm Staging America’s ‘Grassroots’ Movements – Hayden Ludwig at Tablet Magazine.


Focus on the Local: A Conversation with Carl Trueman – Mat Stewart at Front Porch Republic.


Scenes from a Marriage: Watching the “Thin Man” Movies as a Set – Hector DeJean at CrimeReads.




Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit – David Lyle Jeffrey at Kingdom Poets (D.S. Martin).


The scars of our days – Robert Rife at Rob’s Lit-Bits.


To Go to Lvov: Lessons in Exile as Mysticism – Ewa Chrusciel at Church Life Journal.


Writing and Literature


What Women Mystery Writers and Female Sleuths Owe to Nancy Drew – Virginia Hartman at CrimeReads.


Was This Letter Written by Sherlock Holmes? – April White at Atlas Obscura.


American Stuff


“Here I am . . . a Prisoner:” The Capture of Walt Whitman’s Brother – Tim Talbott at Emerging Civil War.


There is One Gospel – CityAlight

Painting: A Man Reading, oil on canvas (circa 1660) by an unknown artist; Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam 

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