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"The Crimes of Clearwell Castle" by Benedict Brown

It’s May of 1926, and Christopher Prentiss can now say goodbye – forever – to his studies at the Oakton Classical and Commercial Academy for Distinguished Young Gentlemen. In other words, he’s graduated, and he will soon be turning 18. Lord Edgington, his 75-year-old grandfather, throws a party in his honor and quickly whisks him off to yet another adventure. With a flock of servants and Delilah the golden retriever in tow, of course.  

After a brief stop in Bath, they eventually land at Clearwell Castle in Gloucestershire’s Forest of Dean (the place where the adders congregate). It’s the home of distant relatives, the Wyndhams, and Christopher and his grandfather walk right into a feud. The 200-year-old conflict between the Wyndhams and the Morduants in a neighboring village is one to rival the Montagues and Capulets. 


Two people end up as murder victim, and neither is a Wyndham nor a Mordaunt. One is the singing Clearwell town drunk; the other is the much-loved owner of the Wyndham Arms pub. 


Lord Edgington, with Christopher in tow, is on the case. And The Crimes of Clearwell Castle is another madcap adventure of the detecting duo by British author Benedict Brown.


Benedict Brown

I’m trying to remember when I had so much fun – and laughed – reading about murder, revenge, and secret passions. But that’s what the Lord Edgington mysteries are – pure fun.


In addition to the six published Lord Edgington stories, Brown has written seven Izzy Palmer mystery novels and three novellas. A native of south London, he lives with his family in Spain. The Lord Edgington mysteries are likely aimed at both the general reader as well as the young adult audience. And they’re well-researched stories, full of information about the mid-1920s.


Clearwell Castle, by the way, is a real place with a distinguished history. Brown advertised for locations for his next mystery, and the owners of the castle, now primarily a wedding venue, stepped forward. 




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