Saturday, December 2, 2023

Saturday Good Reads - Dec. 2, 2023

If you doubt the horror of what happened to more than 1,200 people in Israel on Oct. 7, and it seems that a lot of people, especially on American college campuses, doubt it or believe it was justified, then you should know that archaeologists have been brought in to help identify victims of the Hamas attacks. Children who were held hostage are coming back with reports of beatings by Palestinians in crowds and being forced to watch the Hamas videos of the Oct. 7 slaughter. Laura Dodsworth at The Critic Magazine describes some of the sheer evil that went on. 

One of the most encouraging things I’ve read is the report by Douglas Murray of the joy expressed for the returning hostages. His report is published at The Free Press. Murray has been giving interviews left and right, and he doesn’t mince words when it comes to describing what he’s seen and experienced.


And if you’ve ever doubted the world has lost its mind, then subscribe to the The Free Press for its coverage of stories ignored by the mainstream media and especially its Friday roundup


More Good Reads




Creating Tchaikovsky’s First Symphony – Terez Rose at The Imaginative Conservative.




Voyage to Scotland – poems by Margaret Coats at Society of Classical Poets.


Memory’s Miscellany – Paul Wittenberger at Paul’s Substack.


Writing and Literature


Gabriel García Márquez on the Magic of Juan Rulfo – Literary Hub.


Farewell Peak Literary, We Hardly Knew You – Brian Miller at Front Porch Republic.


The Fight for the Future of Publishing – Alex Perez at The Free Press.


When Publishing F. Scott Fitzgerald is the Family Business – Charles Scribner III at Literary Hub.


On the Rise, Fall, and Seemingly Inexplicable Appeal of Golden-Age Sleuth Philo Vance – Leslie Klinger at CrimeReads. 


10 Quick and Random Thoughts on Writing – Nicholas McDonald at The Bard Owl.


News Media


“Anti-Disinformation” is a Partisan Con – Matt Taibbi at Racket News. 


Sports Illustrated Published Articles by Fake, AI-Generated Writers – Maggie Harrison at Futurism. 


Life and Culture


Retrieving Freedom: The Givenness of Freedom – D.C. Schindler at Church Life Journal.


Where Free Speech Ends and Lawbreaking Begins – Ilya Shapiro at The Free Press.


Tensions in Ireland were bound to boil over – John McGuirk at The Critic Magazine.


The Death of Old Europe – and the Rise of the Right – Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Evelyn Markus at The Free Press.




One of the most Remarkable Features of Early Christian Manuscripts – Michael Kruger at Canon Fodder.


Do Not Be Conformed to the World – Michael Kelley at Forward Progress.


The Fights That Get Inside You: DeYoung, Wilson, and Rachel Held Evans – Samuel James at Digital Liturgies.


British Stuff


UK manufacturing is significantly outperforming as a result of Brexit – Derrick Berthelsen at The Critic Magazine.


American Stuff


“A pretty place to pass my Wedding-day!” – Chris Mackowski at Emerging Civil War.


Psalm 1 – Poor Bishop Hooper

 Painting: Man with a Newspaper, oil on canvas (1928) by Rene Magritte (1898-1967).

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