Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Twelfth Day of Christmas: Community

In one way, celebrating the 12 days of community with the High Calling Blogs has been difficult. There are too many people to celebrate.

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All of these are people I’ve come to know, to a greater or lesser extent, through the internet: Twitter, Facebook, blogs, blog comments and email. I’ve talked to one of them on the telephone one time. Truly a “virtual community.”


Except: I’ve shared prayer requests with many of these people. I’ve prayed for them and they’ve prayed for me. I’ve prayed together with some online via email. (You should try that – a prayer exchange via email or Twitter direct message.)

Except: we’ve gone well out of our ways to encourage each other – possibly because encouragement seems to be in such short supply. Fifteen minutes of fame, 15 minutes of adulation – these we have in abundance. But too little encouragement.

Except: to one degree or another, we’re all writers. And we share that curious combination of courage and fear, audacity and intimidation, that seems to be the trademark of most writers.

Except: the community doesn’t stop here. You can’t cover an online community in 12 days of posts. There are many, many others I could have highlighted. And I think I will. So don’t be surprised to find the “27th Day of Christmas” or “44th Day of Christmas” except I’ll substitute “community” for “Christmas” in keeping with what the original High Calling Blogs idea. (Yes, L.L., I changed it.) (Deliberately.)

Except: we are of a faith. This is the most important “except,” the reason why all the rest even happen. We share a common faith, a faith with an earthly set of origins in Bethlehem but a heavenly set of origins whose beginning cannot be measured or defined or even understood, ultimately. But even with our human understanding falling short, we are forever grateful.

And I’m grateful for this community of faith that we’ve been celebrating at the High Calling Blogs.


Maureen said...

Wonderful post, Glynn.

And forever grateful
am I
as I am
for what I've found
in community in
this year of loss
turned to thanks
for all that was
will be and

Marcus Goodyear said...

We are so glad you're around, Glynn. I love the idea of substituting "community" for Christmas. And really, for Christians what is the difference anyway except some extra decorations, a gift exchange, and a Turkey dinner?

L.L. Barkat said...

MG, you mean a lasagna dinner :)

And Glynn, I admire a guy who'll change things now and then. :)