Thursday, April 7, 2011

So Many Ways of Joy

A daffodil opens despite the snow, yellow on white.

My grandson’s laugh, more a chortle or a squeal of delight.

A sunset, glorious.

Finding a new insight in a Bible verse I’ve read a thousand times.

The choir sings Kyrie Eleison by Louis Vierne.

The unexpected voice, quietly whispering.

A beautiful story, poem, article, blog post, video, painting, photograph.

Evensong in St. Paul’s Cathedral, sung by the men’s choir.

Eight thousand men singing Holy, Holy, Holy in a sports arena.

Standing at the summit of the Bluff Trail at Laity Lodge.

Reading the Book of Acts.

Reading the Gospel of St. John.

A certain look from my wife, turning my heart upside down.

Cloud formations.

Being present at the birth of both of my sons.

Hiking Shaw’s Nature Reserve west of St. Louis.


Giving encouragement.

Receiving encouragement.


How many ways do you experience joy?

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Photograph: Cameron Young, April 3, 2011, by Stephanie Young.


Karen Kyle Ericson said...

So many ways- a subject that God points out to me when shooting photos. My husband's giggle when he wakes after I do a silly dance. When my cat curls up beside me purring. The Bible. Singing at Church. Finishing a painting. Reading blogs...

Louise Gallagher said...

Funny, we both wrote of joy in different ways this morning.

I experience joy every morning when I visit your site.

And that photo -- aaaahhhhhwesome!

Joy said...

OH yes, all of these. And the spontaneous hug from my 8-year-old growing-up-fast son, the insistence on goodnight hugs AND kisses from each child, the steaming cup of coffee made by my husband.

Lisa notes... said...

All good, Glynn. I'm particularly thankful that you enjoy writing! It blesses all of us.

Megan Willome said...

Totally with you on the Circle Bluff trail and on biking.
I add my extremely well-worn Book of Common Prayer and my two puppies who won't leave me alone while I read it.

Anonymous said...

joyalishous list and photo :-)

Linda said...

All wonderful ways of experiencing joy. I find it in similar places - flower gardens, grandchildren laughing and talking over each other, time spent with my husband, talks with my Mom, worship service in many ways.
That is one sweet little face Glynn!

Bonnie Gray said...

Evensong at St. Paul's cathedral. Zap. I was transported there reading that line. I've only been there once, but it is forever burned into my heart.

Enjoyed this wonderful poem of joy. A deep well within you have Glynn, that floats to the top here on this post. Thank you...