Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Poets and Poems: Susan Lewis


Prose poetry isn’t as easy as it might look. I didn’t realize what tight control it can require until reading three recently published works by poet Susan Lewis, two of which are prose poetry and one of which is the more familiar verse style.

Lewis is an accomplished poet, having published numerous collections and chapbooks, including Animal Husbandry, Commodity Fetishism, The Following Message and At Times Your Lines. With the space of roughly a year, she published three years, two collections and a chapbook, and these are three I’ve recently read: How to Be Another, State of the Union and This Visit. Her poetry has been published in numerous literary journals and poetry publications.

The poetry in the three collections has a broad range of subjects – commercialism, food, environmental issues, language, relationships, top mention only a few – but each of the volumes reflects a similar voice, a voice utilizing an observant eye and an air of authority.

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