Sunday, June 25, 2017

At first I didn't notice

After Isaiah 24

At first I didn’t notice
the differences, the changes
slight, a lightening of color,
a mall cooling, but as
I watched the stage
the scenery began to melt,
sliding and flowing around
the actors’ feet and cascading
downward at the edge of the stage.
The actors began to forget
their lines and soon made no sense,
desperate words bleeding into
one another like stones soon dulled.
The music faltered then stopped,
collapsing into a cacophony
of jarring sounds, like musicians
and instruments sliding as the Titanic tilted
and prepared to break apart. People
are shouting at the actors who turn
to the audience and say nothing.
The theater trembles and breaks apart.
The lights fail, only darkness and explosions
of noise remain, the only constants.

Photograph by Kondo Yukihiro via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.

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