Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Poets and Poems: Mischa Willett and “Phases”

In his new collection Phases, poet Mischa Willett reaches back to the distant past of classical antiquity and the recent past of old girlfriends and a father recovering from heart surgery, to paintings
and sculpture, to a young child asking about the inequality of large and small cars. And while that sounds like a diverse array of subjects and inspirations, Willett ties these 60 poems together with a few deep, resounding themes and perspectives.

A glance at the table of contents reveals one of those perspectives – the geography of the collection. Willett has structured the poems into nine sections – oceans, lands, seas, and an island. This geography is specific: “Ocean of Storms,” “Sea Has Become Known,” “Land of Heat,” and so on. We navigate this geography, and it is sometimes calm and reflective, and sometimes stormy and disruptive.

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