Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saturday Good Reads

Campus antics continue; this time, Bret Weinstein, a biology professor at Evergreen State in Washington, had his classroom invaded by the cadres of the cultural revolution. Not to be outdone, Yale University honored two students who bullied its faculty last year.

If you raised children in the 1980s and 1990s (as we did), you know first-hand of the self-esteem craze (everyone gets a trophy) took over the collective imagination of our educational industry. Jesse Singal at the Science of Us (New York Magazine) explains how it happened and what was the result.

All kinds of contra-cultural things are popping up. Jonathan Leeman at The Gospel Coalition examines what white privilege does – and doesn’t – mean. Derek Rishmawy tackles listening to millennials, and asks what millennials are we supposed to be listening to? Andrew Spence considers social justice, and makes his case for it being what you don’t think it is. Zak Schmoll argues that the Western Canon is important for Christians.

And good poetry, good articles on writing, and good photography. And did you know there was a time when buying life insurance was considered immoral?

American Stuff

James Madison & the Compound Republic – Kevin Gutzman at The Imaginative Conservative.

When Buying Life Insurance Was Deemed Immoral – Virginia Postrel at Reason.

Life and Culture

The Hunting of Bret Weinstein – Rod Dreher at American Conservative.

The disappearing computer – Walt Mossberg at The Verge.

Choose Your Apocalypse Now – Stewart McAlpine.

Seeing Seamlessly – Dr. Steven Garber at The Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation & Culture.

How the Self-Esteem Craze Took Over America – Jesse Singal at the Science of Us (New York Magazine).


Manifold Destiny – Tim Good at Musings of a Naked Alien.

Review: Social Justice Isn’t What You Think It Is – Andrew Spencer at the Institute for Faith, Work, & Economics.

Why the Traditional Western Canon is Important for Christians – Zak Schmoll at Entering the Public Square.

Art and Photography

Remembrance – Susan Etole.

Unsung – Tim Good at Photography and Poetry of Tiwago.


Hands – Ana Lisa de Jong.

Dance of the wildflower – Barbara MacKenzie at Signed…BKM.

The Poetic Vision of G.M. Hopkins – Dwight Longenecker at The Imaginative Conservative.

Teaching That ‘Infamous’ Poetry – Michael Dickel at The BeZine.

Line Breaks – Jerry Barrett at Gerald the Writer.


Why Literary Journals Don’t Pay – M.R. Branwen at The Millions.

Patric Petrie: Crested Hens

Painting: Young Man Reading by Light (1926) by Norman Rockwell, part of his work for a General Electric advertising campaign.

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