Monday, June 18, 2018

Dancing King Stories: Michael Kent-Hughes

Michael Kent (married name, Kent-Hughes) started out fictional life as an unnamed priest dancing on a beach in Italy. He was inspired by a song, “Luna Rossa,” sung by Mario Frangoulis. I first heard the song on an airplane flight to San Francisco in 2002. The image of a dancing priest stuck in my head and wouldn’t let go. 

The priest stayed in my head for the next three years. He moved off the beach and into a tourist group. He changed religions, from Roman Catholic to Anglican. He had a mild flirtation with a young American woman who was part of the tour group. The beach, Italy, and the tour group were left behind, and the priest was moved to Scotland. He was finishing his theology studies at the University of Edinburgh. He gained a named, Michael Kent. He gained a reason for being English but living in Scotland – he was raised by guardians.

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Bill (cycleguy) said...

Glynn: little glitch. Can't continue reading because it says no link to Dancing Priest.

Glynn said...

Bill - sorry about that. I had set the link yesterday, not realizing there was a wrong number in it. It's now fixed. Thanks for the heads up.