Sunday, February 17, 2019

Is it that simple

After Luke 11: 5-13

Ask, seek, knock.
Is it that simple?
That’s all – three simple acts?
Ask for help.
Seek the help.
Knock: a hand raised
to a door.

the ask begets a gift
the seek begets a find
the knock begets an opened door

ask seek knock
the door opens
the wind blows
the answer comes

is it really that simple

Photograph by Federico Guiterrez viaUnsplash. Used with permission.


Sandi said...

Is this photo from Morocco? The blue reminds me of a little town I visited there once long ago, Chefchaouen.

So true!

Poems and Prayer ...Lisa Belknap said...

The LORD protects the simplehearted. Psalm 116:6
Salvation is not complicated!

Glynn said...

Yes, the photo is Morocco.