Wednesday, February 27, 2019

“Looking for Justice” by Linda Rodante

Alexis Jergenson is a former practicing attorney who specialized in rape cases. Burned out by the work and still trying to come to grips with her own past experiences with rape, she’s left Atlanta and moved to Tennessee for a teaching job at a Christian college. Technically, she shouldn’t have been offered the job; she’s not a believing Christian. But the college needed a teacher four weeks before the start of school, and she needed to get away.

Luke Stephens is a professor at the college. He is a believing Christian, but he’s still chasing the demons of his war experience and his former wife’s unfaithfulness. The new and attractive professor is exactly what he doesn’t want or need, especially because she looks so much like his former wife. He’s also dealing with what happened to him while he was on active duty – his best friend was killed in the same explosion that caused the loss of Luke’s leg.

Linda Rodante
Alexis and Luke will be pulled together when a student is raped and becomes pregnant. The rapist is the mother’s boyfriend, and he is one despicable and dangerous character who will end up threatening the girl, her mother, and Alexis.

Looking for Justice is book four in the Dangerous Series Christian romantic suspense novels by Linda K. Rodante. The series currently includes seven books: Amber AlertAs Long as You Both Shall LiveSplashdownLooking for JusticeHonor Respect DevotionPursued, and Warrior. Rodante has worked with both crisis pregnancy centers and anti-trafficking groups, and that experience infuses her fiction. She lives in Tennessee.

It’s a sweet story that could have slipped into the formulaic, but Rodante rather neatly avoids it. Instead, Looking for Justice offers a story of two people, both with broken lives, coming together to help a young girl, and finding themselves and each other.

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