Saturday, May 4, 2019

Saturday Good Reads

I was a teenager when Chairman Mao unleashed the Cultural Revolution on China, so I’m old enough to remember the reports that initially drifted out and then were later fully reported on and documented. The reasons Mao did this are inscrutable, but many think it was an attempt to consolidate power and control over the Chinese Communist Party. While the reasons and motives may be obscure, we do have a good idea of what happened.

Universities and high schools essentially stopped functioning, as students turned themselves into mobs. Teachers and professors were humiliated, hounded, and physically attacked. Anything “western” was suspect; anything anyone called “western” was suspect. Anything not in line with correct thinking, “thought crimes,” was in line for abuse and destruction. Tens of thousands of intellectuals, academics, government workers, and others were sent into the countryside to labor in fields. Many people died. Those who survived saw their careers destroyed. 

Anastasia Lin writes in The Wall Street Journal (reprinted on a friend’s blog) that she suspects the Cultural Revolution has come to North America. No one’s died, but people have been attacked on American college campuses. The revolution is also alive and well in Great Britain, where a leftist reporter distorted something Sir Roger Scruton said in an interview and then crowed about how the Tories had dismissed Scruton from a government commission. 

This is not going to end well. 

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Painting: Old Man Reading, oil on canvas (1605-1607) by Federico Barocci.

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