Thursday, October 3, 2019

“Dinner and a Murder” by Nancy Skopin

Is someone is killing air traffic controllers, making it look like accidents? 

Private investigator Nicoli (Nikki) Hunter attends a high school reunion, and an old friend asks her to look into the deaths. He’s worried; the three who have died all worked for him at the San Francisco airport. And it’s possible he may be targeted, too.

Hunter enlists the help of her old mentor. Together they begin to look into what might be behind the deaths, if they are indeed foul play. They begin with recent airplane accidents involving fatalities and start looking at possible suspects. Three people surface.

In the meantime, Nikki is dealing with her boyfriend Bill Anderson, a police detective who’s considerably more interested in a long-term commitment than Nikki herself is. Nikki’s been through three marriages, and she’s 37. She’s far from ready to consider a fourth. And she gets a puppy.

Nancy Skopin
Dinner and a Murder by Nancy Skopin is the third in the Nikke Hunter mystery series. It’s a breezy, easy read, with a lot of information thrown in about dogs and restaurants (food and restaurants are themes in these stories; it looks like dogs will now be as well).

Skopin is the author of the Nikki Hunter Mystery Series, which includes Murder on the MenuMurder Over CocktailsDinner and a MurderMurder Al DenteMurder Served HotA Side Order of MurderMurder Alfresco, and Murder Served Cold. She lives in Oregon.

Events in Dinner and a Murder begin to move rapidly, and Skopin does a good job of giving the reader just enough information to keep the killer’s identity a mystery. Nikki Hunter is determined to catch her killer, even at great personal risk to herself. 

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