Wednesday, October 2, 2019

“Homecoming” by Carolyne Aarsen

It begins in a bar in Edmonton, Alberta. Rancher Mark Andrews is looking for a young woman named Sheryl Kyle. He’s doing a favor for her stepfather, trying to find her before her stepfather dies. She’d prefer not to be found, especially by her stepfather. She left him, her stepbrother, their narrow-minded religion, and her life in British Columbia seven years ago, and she doesn’t want to go back. She left with her boyfriend Jason, the one they said was no good. They were right: he wasn’t. But he’s dead now, killed in a car accident. And Sheryl had few if any regrets. Sheryl has walled off her heart from feeling.

Mark has his own set of problems. He comes from a large, loving family – his sister is married to Sheryl’s stepbrother – but he’s struggling to make a go of his ranch. He gave up a promising career in Vancouver to take over the ranch, and his then-fiancée wanted no part of country life.

Carolyne Aarsen
Mark convinces Sheryl to return to see her stepfather. Slowly, Mark and Sheryl let their guards down and open their hearts. Sheryl has never seen a faith like Mark has, and Mark discovers that the bar waitress from Edmonton also happens to know horses and ranching. 

Homecoming by Carolyne Aarsen is the story of Sheryl and Mark. It’s the first in the multi-volume “Sweet Hearts of Sweet Creek” series. It’s a fast, engaging read, full of twists and turns, centered on two people who have found each other but aren’t sure whether they’re willing to believe it.

Aarsen is the author of numerous Christian romance novels. Her series include The Family Ties, Sweet Hearts of Sweet Creek, and Holmes Crossing. She lives in Northern Alberta. 

Will Sheryl return to Edmonton, or will she risk it all for this cowboy with the long hair? Will Mark listen to what his heart is telling him (not to mention his family), and pursue the woman he’s falling in love with? Homecoming has the answers.

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