Wednesday, October 9, 2019

“Wish Upon a Shell” by Kay Correll

Julie Farmington operates a bakery and café on Belle Island, a small island off the Florida coast that boast quiet living, a walkable community, beautiful beaches, and a lighthouse. She’s been here since she was 18, where she found a refuge with two older women, Tally and Susan. Tally operates the Magic Café, and Susan the local inn. Julie has seen one relationship end badly and is determined not to make the same mistake again.

Reed Newman lives in Seattle, and his boss has ordered him to take a month’s vacation. He sees a TV program on nest beaches and decides to spend his month on Belle Island. Reed is carrying more baggage than he checked on the airplane; he blames himself for his wife’s death in an automobile accident and had refused to drive at all since she died. His decision to head to Florida is completely out of character – he doesn’t even bring the right clothes for laid-back beach vacations because he doesn’t own any.

Kay Correll
Julie, meet Reed. Reed, meet Julie. They’re going to learn just how many mistakes and misunderstandings people can experience, and how they decide to stand by each other through all of it.

Wish Upon a Shell is the first novel in the Lighthouse Point series by Kay Correll, author of numerous novels in the women/s/contemporary romance genre. Correll has published five books in the Sweet River series, six in the Lighthouse Point series, and eight in the Comfort Crossing series. She lives in the American Midwest.

Reed and Julie are two people who’ve constructed tall and thick walls around their hearts. Wish Upon a Shell describes how those walls begin to break down, and whether two people will take the risks needed to tear the walls completely down.

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