Thursday, October 24, 2019

"Silent as the Dead" by Scott Hunter

Thames Valley Police Detective Chief Inspector Brendan Moran has left his home base of Reading and gone to the southwestern coast of Ireland. The wife of an old friend has disappeared, and Moran finds himself rummaging through the present and the past, including his own past, to find out what’s happened and where the woman is.

He’s on home turf here; this is where he was raised, and it’s the family he was raised with. And it’s his deceased first wife’s family as well. Decades in the past, she was killed in a car bombing that was meant for him.

Moran gets some leads from the local pub owner, another old friend, but the man will pay for his life for giving our t information; his body is found is found in the trunk of Moran’s car. The police haul Moran in for questioning and he spends the night in what he thinks is the police station. All signs point to Sean Black, the policeman’s old nemesis and a renegade Irish Republican. And what Moran gradually uncovers looks like a well-conceived plot to kill a prominent member of the royal family – back in Reading.

Silent as the Dead is the fourth Brendan Moran novel by British mystery writer Scott Hunter, and it’s a dandy story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. 
Scott Hunter

The “Irish Detective” series includes Black DecemberCreatures of DustDeath Walks Behind YouA Crime for All Seasons (short stories), Silent as the Dead, and Gone Too Soon. Hunter has also published the novels The TrespassThe Ley Lines of LushburyLong Goodbyes, and The Serpent & the Slave, and the memoir Rattle and Drum.  In addition to writing fiction, Hunter is an IT consultant and musician. He lives with his family in England.

In Silent as the Dead, the past catches up and merges with the present, nothing is ever left behind or forgotten, and nothing – not even old friends – is what it seems. 


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Bill (cycleguy) said...

Sounds like another one I'm going to have to check out. You are making me miss so much else!