Thursday, August 29, 2019

"Creatures of Dust" by Scott Hunter

It’s downright dangerous to be on the team of Detective Chief Inspector Brendan Moran of the Thames Valley Police. In Black December, one of his men experiences a gruesome kind of torture. In Creatures of Dust, policeman have heart attacks, are beaten almost to death by local villains, and even worse. 

Moran himself, having barely survived an automobile crash, is plagued by blackout periods and a noticeable limp. He’s seen his garage blown up (and people die) and he had barely escaped death at the hands of evildoers many times. 

Now he’s on the trail of a serial killer who’s seems to be targeting area Muslims. A young man is knifed to death; so is an IT consultant. Both are Muslims. And then a Catholic priest dies the same way in the confessional box. The killer isn’t just limiting himself to Muslims. The only anomaly was a killing that happened at the same time as the first – an undercover policewoman. And other departments want Moran well away from investigating her death, even to the point of taking over Moran’s murder investigations. Something smells fishy in the Thames Valley Police.

Scott Hunter
This is the second in the “Irish Detective” series by British author Scott HunterThe series includes Black DecemberCreatures of DustDeath Walks Behind YouA Crime for All Seasons (short stories), and Silent as the Dead. In addition to writing his crime fiction, Hunter is an IT consultant and musician. He lives with his family in England.

Criminal activity seems rampant in Thames Valley, both on the streets and in the police department. DCI Moran often finds his hands tied, but he always figures out a way to bring the guilty to justice. Even if a lot of his fellow police officers have to die along the way. Creatures of Dust is a fast-paced, anything-is-bound-to-happen-and-likely-will kind of story.


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