Tuesday, August 6, 2019

"The Art of the Essay" by Charity Singleton Craig

Writers read a lot of books on writing. I’ve learned that books on writing fall into three loose groups. One group, by far the largest, focuses on the craft, similar to lectures by English composition teachers. A second group is by authors who’ve worked very hard to sound wise and profound; I call this group the self-recognized oracles. And the third and smallest group is by authors who genuinely want to help other writers because they love writing and they know how hard it can be.

Most writers of books in that second group will claim their work is actually in the third group. I call that self-deception of self-recognized oracles. 

The Art of the Essay: From Ordinary Life to Extraordinary Words by Charity Singleton Craigf alls squarely, and without pretense, in that third group. This is a narrative that’s written to me as a writer from a writer who loves what she does and wants other writers to love what they do.

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