Thursday, August 22, 2019

"Nowhere to Hide" by Stephen Puleston

Dawn Piper, a recovering drug addict, is making her way carefully through the Saturday night streets. She has a destination in mind, a friend’s house, but she wants to arrive there, and she’s watching for a black Audi that is likely following her. The friend’s house is within sight when she hears the voice, “Hello, Dawn.” Her body is found in her flat, but it’s clear she’s been killed somewhere else. 

Detective Inspector Ian Drake and Detective Sergeant Sara Morgan of the Wales Police Service investigate. And Drake has his hands full with non-investigation stuff – community meetings organized by a rabble-rousing politician; his boss retiring and a new superintendent arriving who seems distinctly cold and calculating; trying to balance time with his children and his new girlfriend (Drake is divorced). He also continues to obsess with neatness, coffee, and his Sudoku games.

Stephen Puleston
Drake and Morgan and their team gradually learn that Dawn’s death may be tied to local crime bosses and others running drugs into Wales. A second death occurs. Drake’s former wife, with the children in the car, is run off the road – a clear warning to the detective. Then there’s a third death, and the mysterious black Audi is playing a role again.

Nowhere to Hide by British author Stephen Puleston is the latest entry in the Detective Ian Drake detective series. Puleston publishes two series of Welsh police detective stories. Detective Inspector Ian Drake is with the North Wales Police Service, and Detective Inspector John Marco is with the South Wales Police Service. Nowhere to Hide is the seventh DI Ian Drake novel.

It’s a solid, fast-paced police procedural story, complete with drug kings, semi-civilized gangsters, departmental politics, and an ongoing romance. 


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