Friday, August 2, 2019

A bowl of water

After John 13:1-17

A simple thing, this bowl,
filled with water.
A simple act, to wash
feet dirty from the dust
of travel and walking,
A simple statement, why
do you do this, implied
if not explicit.
A simple outburst, I will
wash your feet instead.
A simple response,
you must allow me,
if you are part of me.
All simple yet not,
understanding not
grasped until explained,
a kind of parable 
of the master who washed
the feet of his slave.

Photograph by Tom Crew via Unsplash. Used with permission.


James Doyle Moore said...

Beautiful, and full of meaning. How I wish I could understand just a little of what Jesus taught.


Simple, yes, but very deep, like a deep well the bottom of which cannot be seen. That is Jesus. That is what He did and still does. He may not wash our feet with a bowl filled with water today, but He washes our souls with the water of the Word, freeing us from the dust and dirt of sin and of walking in the world. You have woven your words well, Glynn.