Wednesday, August 21, 2019

“Carnations in January” by Clare Revell

Grace Chadwick has inherited a house and a flower shop from her beloved aunt. The shop had been closed because of the aunt’s illness, and Grace isn’t sure if she’ll reopen it or not. She’s not even sure she’ll be staying in the town where her aunt lived. 

Her next-door neighbor of Elliott Wallac, a home builder and a deacon at the Baptist church her aunt attended. He goes out of his way, repeatedly, to help Grace with her house. And he repeatedly invites her to church, which she steadfastly wants nothing to do with. After a bad experience with a former boyfriend who said he was a Christian, Grace wants nothing to do with church. But Elliott persists.

Clare Revell
Despite her refusals to attend church, Grace finds herself attracted to Elliott. Elliott is attracted to Grace as well, as his twin brother Joel keeps reminding him. But Elliott carries his own baggage from the past, and it’s doubtful the past can be overcome to develop a relationship with Grace.

Carnations in January is the first book in the Flowers Can Be Fatal series by British author Clare Revell (and, yes, there are 12 in the series, one for each month). Revell is a prolific author, having published numerous books in the romance, crime fiction, and children’s genres. She lives with her family in a small town in England, and most of her books are set in the U.K. 

Carnations in January is a story about brokenness, and how two people with significant personal heartbreak can overcome what’s in their past and find a future together. 

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