Friday, August 26, 2022

A simple question

After Matthew 7:1-6

A simple question, really,

a question of judgment,

specifically, our own. It is

not understanding or

discernment we’re talking

about here, but something

harder, something carrying

more potential damage,

implying a combination

of suspicion, belief, 

accusation, determination,

sentence, and execution,

everything rolled up

together into a unit

of destruction. For those

of us prone to this,

i.e. all of us, it becomes

the standard by which

we, too, will be measured.

Through some strange quirk,

the standard by which we

judge becomes the standard

by which we are judged. It’s

no wonder that ostriches stick

their heads in the ground.


Photograph by Bill Oxford via Unsplash. Used with permission.

1 comment:

Martha Jane Orlando said...

No wonder, indeed, Glynn!