Saturday, December 10, 2022

Saturday Good Reads - Dec. 10, 2022

The Argonne National Laboratory recently published a study of electric vehicles in the United States and their use over the past 11 years. The study estimates that electric cars in that period saved some 690 million gallons of gasoline. If the study is accurate (and I have to accept that on faith), then you need to know that 690 million gallons of gasoline is the equivalent of two days of U.S. gasoline use. 

It was a Christmas show we all grew up with – 30 minutes of jokes and animation of some of our favorite comic strip characters – the Peanuts gang. And now it will no longer be shown on commercial network television – you’ll have to subscribe to Apple+ to see it. Denny Burk offers a lament for A Charlie Brown Christmas.


“For the Woke sincerely and passionately believe themselves to be redeeming culture, the humanities, and, increasingly the STEM fields as well, both ethically and intellectually. What this blinds them to is that in reality they are the humanities’ death rattle.” So writes David Rieff at Desire and Fate: To dismiss Woke as mere Hucksterism is too easy.


More Good Reads


Life and Culture


The Story So Far – Paul Kingsnorth at The Abbey of Misrule.


The Great Purpling: Streetlights in a bunch of major cities are turning purple – Adam Rogers at Business Insider.


Are Local Politics Extinct? – Thomas Koenig at American Purpose.


American Christmas, American New Year – Christopher Flannery at Imprimis. 


No Justice, No Peace? René Girard and Endless Rivalries – Daniel Ritchie at Front Porch Republic.


Staying for the Truth – Alan Jacobs at The Hedgehog Review.


British Stuff


In Anticipation of the Festive Season – George Cruikshank via Spitalfields Life.


Writing and Literature


‘I want to savor every word’: the joy of reading slowly – Susie Mesure at The Guardian


How Edgar Allan Poe Reinvented American Literature – and Science Writing – Lisa Levy at CrimeReads.


‘Could my book be as bad as I imagined?’: my verdict on the novel I wrote in a month – Tim Jonze at The Guardian.


How Chekhov Made Sense of His Surroundings Through Writing Short Stories – Bob Blaisdell at Literary Hub.


A Century of Serious Difficulty: Reflecting on three monumental works of modernism – Johanna Winant at Boston Review.




The Value of Repeated Bible Reading – Scott Slayton at One Degree to Another.


Untangling Theology from Digital Technology – Samuel D. James at Mere Orthodoxy.


News Media


How Twitter suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story – Freddy Gray at The Spectator.


Elon Musk’s ‘Twitter files’ demand answers from the government – Charles Lipson at The Spectator.


Thread: The Twitter Files, Part 2 – Bari Weiss.


Machine guns in the Monastery of the Kiev Caves: Can reporters find sources for facts? – Terry Mattingly at Get Religion.




Remembering That It Happened Once – Wendell Berry at Kingdom Poets (D.S. Martin).


Hounds of Winter – Jane Dougherty at Jane Dougherty Writes.




Evangelical leader and son tortured and killed in Ukraine – Chris Ward at Christian Today.


The Bloody History Behind One of Our Most Popular Christmas Songs – Jessica Lea at Church Leaders.


Ukrainian Churches Unable To Function As Russian Forces Arrest Priests – Felix Corley at Religion Unplugged.


Veni Sancte Spiritus, K. 47 by Mozart – Gloriae Dei Cantores

 Painting: Man reading vanity skulls, oil on canvas (1891) by Maria Andries, Belgian School.

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