Thursday, December 15, 2022

"Waiting" by Glenn McGoldrick

Henry Wilson is a British Army veteran. He works as a warehouse supervisor and lives in the town of Old Thornton in northeast England. He’s lived in his house for 20 years. And perhaps the only thing of serious note in his life has been a failed relationship. 

And now someone is pranking him. A taxi shows up, and the driver says he was called to pick up a Henry Wilson. A second taxi shows up a few days later, with the same instructions. Then he arrives home from his night shift and finds rubbish strewn across his front yard. He’s incensed enough to find out who’s behind it. And he’s waiting.


Glenn McGoldrick

 is the new dark short story by British author Glenn McGoldrick, and it has all the hallmarks of a McGoldrick story. A brooding protagonist, living something of an anonymous life. Something happening that upsets the routine. And a twist – always a twist. It’s a rather haunting story – being pranked by person or persons unknown is not an uncommon experience. And McGoldrick knows how to use that experience and smack you upside the head with it.


Writing since 2013, McGoldrick specializes in short stories with a twist, and usually a dark and often a deadly twist. He worked for both land-based casinos and cruise ships for a time, basing many of his stories on those experiences. His stories are gritty, and his characters run the gamut of good, bad, and something in between. They often find themselves moving far beyond the boundaries of acceptable behavior. McGoldrick lives in northeastern England (which I’m assuming is not as dark as his stories might imply). 




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