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“The Snows of Weston Moor” by Benedict Brown

It’s Christmas 1926, and the family of Lord Edgington is setting out for Cornwall. They’re to pass the holiday with the family of the fiancée of Christopher Prentiss’s older brother. As expected, Christopher travels with his grandfather and the dog Delilah, racing at breakneck speeds through the English countryside.  

But a wrong turn and a major snowstorm sidetrack Christopher and Lord Edgington (and the dog). Things are looking grim, when they see a light in the distance. And they make their way to discover safety from the storm at Weston Moor, a fully restored 18th century home. It’s currently occupied by members of a theater group from London. Christopher is somewhat starstruck, until murder strikes. And strikes again.


Benedict Brown

The Snows of Weston Moor
 is the eighth novel in the Lord Edington series by British author Benedict Brown. Like its predecessors, it’s marked by how much fun the author can have with the story. Christopher furnishes most of the self-deprecating humor, but the novels are also an ongoing story in how a boy is growing up, finding himself under the tutelage of his 75-year-old grandfather, who happens to be a retired detective in addition to his title.


In addition to the seven published Lord Edgington stories, Brown has written seven Izzy Palmer mystery novels and three novellas. A native of south London, he lives with his family in Spain. The Lord Edgington mysteries are likely aimed at both the general reader as well as the young adult audience. And they’re well-researched stories, full of information about the mid-1920s.


Lord Edgington and his grandson discover that it may indeed be a theater company, but it’s a company full of people who don’t like each other very much. And someone, inside or outside the circle of actors, directors, and stagehands, is taking dislike to a higher level.




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