Wednesday, May 4, 2022

"Idle Hands" by Glenn McGoldrick

Mark, to use the common expression, is between jobs. He sleeps in after his wife Liz goes to work and drops off their son at school. He gets up, eat, and reads for an hour, and then rides his bike into town of Teesdale, right up to Newport Bridge. Then he turns around and heads home, arriving in time to eat lunch before picking his son up at school. 

That’s his life, until the day he notices a red hoodie hanging on the fence by the bridge. And there’s a note inside, but not addressed to him. 


Mark’s life is about to change. And not necessarily for the better.


Glenn McGoldrick

Idle Hands
is the new Dark Teesside short story by British author Glenn McGoldrick. Writing since 2013, McGoldrick specializes in short stories with a twist – and often a deadly twist. 

He’s worked for both land-based casinos and cruise ships for a time, basing many of his stories on those experiences. His stories are dark, gritty, often involve a twist, and inevitably open insights into the human psyche. And his characters run the gamut of good, bad, and something in between, and often find themselves moving far beyond the boundaries of acceptable behavior. He lives in northeastern England. 


If you like dark, gritty stories with unexpected endings, then Idle Hands is a good one to try.




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