Saturday, May 21, 2022

Saturday Good Reads - May 21, 2022

We humans are storytellers, and we’ve likely been telling stories since we first walked with planet. At Church Life Journal, William Christian Hackett, author of a novel about an escapee from the German concentration camp in Drancy, France, asks the fundamental question: What makes a good story? And what does that tell us about ourselves.  

How do children, caught in terrible family circumstances, human trafficking, abuse, and all the other tragedies of life, break out of the cycle they find themselves in? Rod Dreher at American Conservative visited some friends in New Orleans, and found one answer: Kintsugi Alison.


If you want to know what happened to public education during the pandemic, some researchers at Harvard did an in-depth study. And what they found is that it was just about as bad as everyone suspected


More Good Reads


Life and Culture


A Talk with Paul Kingsnorth – Joy Clarkson at Plough Quarterly.


Professor Barry Mole: Scholarly Obsessive – D.J. Taylor at The Critic Magazine.


The Certainty Trap – Ilana Redstone at Tablet Magazine.


College: A Place for Training Exiles – Ben Phelps at Front Porch Republic.




The Spirit of Ukrainian Resistance: Five Poems – Marjana Savka at Literary Hub.


News Media


The Internet Is More Powerful Than the Printing Press – Chris Martin at Terms of Service.


Defeating the Idolatry of Outrage – Aaron Earls at The Wardrobe Door.


Are we post-platform? – Eileen Isagon Skyers at Dirt.




Loving Across the Ideological Fence – Blake Long at Theology & Life.


No Ordinary Life – Susan Lafferty.


Recovering an Erased Gospel: How the earliest Greek New Testament commentary manuscript has been restored by modern imaging techniques – H.A.G. Houghton at Text and Canon Institute.


Writing and Literature


A Map of Dante’s Purgatorio in Three Touchstones – James Matthew Wilson at Church Life Journal.


Cracks in Creation: An Essay from 'Wild Things and Castles in the Sky' – Ashley Artavia Novalis at The Rabbit Room.


Orwell’s Humor – Jonathan Clarke at CityJournal. 




Poetry and Modern Culture – Joseph Pearce at The Imaginative Conservative. 


The Flood – Seth Lewis.


Culloden, April 16, 1746 – Jeff Eardley at Society of Classical Poets.


The Blessing (Symphonic Version) – Passion City Church

Painting: Man Reading a Newspaper, oil on canvas by Max Scholz (1855-1906).

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