Sunday, May 8, 2022

Job description

After Matthew 5:1-10


Thank you, sir,

thank you, ma’am,

for your application.

I’d like to provide 

a little detail on what

we mean by “Wanted:



Qualifications include:

poverty in spirit,

an ability to mourn,


a hunger and thirst

for righteousness,


purity in heart,

peacemaking, and

an expectation 

of being persecuted.


Not the usual job

qualifications, I admit,

a bit unusual, slightly

eccentric, and not

exactly the qualities

of A-type personalities.

Or even B-types,

for that matter.


But then, there are

the benefits. Not a 401K,

medical, dental, vacation,

stock options, or pension.

No, these are unlike

any you’ve ever seen

or even heard about.

In fact, you might call

them eternal benefits:


the kingdom of heaven,

comfort when you mourn,

inheritance of the earth,

satisfaction for hunger,


seeing the face of God,

being called God’s sons, 

and let me repeat,

the kingdom of heaven.


Still interested?


Photograph by Tim Gouw via Unsplash. Used with permission. 

1 comment:

Martha Jane Orlando said...

This is outstanding in its originality, Glynn! I do want to apply for that job, and hope I'm not unqualified.