Friday, May 13, 2022

It's what they do to prophets

After Matthew 5:10-16

All kinds of ways,
all kinds of reasons
to persecute a person,
a believer, but only
one that matters:
when it’s persecution
for righteousness’ sake. 

And what is righteousness,
you might ask; some
examples, please. 

When they revile you.
Lie about you.
Utter evil things about you.
Attack you with words
and deceptive charges
and unfounded accusations
and outright lies simply
because you’re a believer.
You don’t even have to do
anything; just be. And they
hate you because when they
see you and they see me. 

You are blessed.
You inherit the kingdom.
|You receive a great reward.
So be glad, for this is what
they do to prophets. 

Photograph by Possessed Photography via Unsplash. Used with permission.


1 comment:

Martha Jane Orlando said...

I love all your poems, Glynn, but this truly resonated with me on so many levels.