Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The degrees of wind

A wind blows cool though
mountain passes, freezing
tender shoots of plants into
dancing figurines of green ice.

A wind roars through city
noise, rippling against concrete
curbs, eddying small swirls of
asphalt dust, crushed stone.

A wind gentles tasseling
acres of corn as
it waves fields of
wheat ready for harvest.

A wind blows hot across
scorched sand, cleansing as
it ignites grains into
tongues of fire.

A wind whispers across
words and language until
pausing amid the leaves of
the olive trees.

A wind rustles, feathers,
freshens and cools, like
tiny droplets of water on
parched lips.

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Brian Miller said...

there is so much in the wind...and you showed many of its various personalities...i like this one glynn...a wind blows through...nice oneshot!

PattiKen said...

From just a breath to a howling gale, the wind does indeed have many moods. nice One Shot.

John (@bookdreamer) said...

Interesting to follow a wind and its character, which in term can be a powerful metaphor for the complexities of an individual life.
I have posted two poems this week. On not saying hello is new but Kingpin Baby was posted up on a quiet Sunday so I thought I’d give it another outing. Both are adaption of different formal poetry forms – pantoum and sonnet.

dustus said...

What intrigues me most is how you capture "degrees" of wind. Elements of personification really bring out the universality of it, though with different effects in various instances/places. Very well done, Glynn. cheers

Unknown said...

Indeed it does! Could almost reach out and touch each and every breeze you described! Dig it for sure!

Cassandra Frear said...

"Strange things blow in through my window on the wings of the night wind and I don't worry about my destiny."
- Carl Sandburg

Linda said...

The many "faces" of the wind. I so enjoy your poetry Glynn.

Desert Rose said...

the wind..it is one mystery that carries all..and breathes life and death. lovely post..thanks for sharing with one shot..:))

signed...bkm said...

love the wind....a lot of people do not like it...but it is filled with mystery....nice write..bkm

Maureen said...

What I especially like is the way you return to the water metaphor, from the "tender shoots" iced to the "tiny droplets of water/ on parched lips".

This is about much more than wind, which itself is a wonderful metaphor here. It is the Breath of life.

Mommy Emily said...

you make me feel it, waft of wind, and his presence in it... holy. thank you.

moondustwriter said...

I'm thinking the wind stops for no one or nothing - it has it's own purpose and direction.

Thank you for blowing the direction of One Shot

moon whisper in the wind

Katherine Krige said...

The many faces of wind, nature and ourselves. This has a nice flow Glynn. the first stanza is my favourite, but your painting of the many facets is beautiful.
Thanks for stopping by my One Shot

Beachanny said...

Beautiful images, giving all the colors of the wind. Growing up on the high plains I know those colors and I've heard those sounds, so frightening to some so comforting to me. I think this work is beautiful, a very successful poem. Thank you.

Marshy said...

Hi Glynn...i loved the different characters you gave the wind in this piece...it was an excellent poem and i shall say it again from an excellent poet..cheers Pete

SuziCate said...

Oh fabulous wind, the power and gentleness. great imagery here.

Claudia said...

Glenn i enjoyed your "Character study" of the wind

Unknown said...

Glenn, I enjoyed my visit to your blog and your wonderful poem.

CM said...

This reminded me of the drastic difference in seasons. The imagery is so crisp, I can feel the wind!

Unknown said...

Reminded me of Elijah...

A wind "tore the mountains
and broke in pieces the rocks
before the LORD," herald to
a still, small voice.

Unknown said...

Donavon said the answer my friend is blowing in the wind, and indeed it is.
I especially love the last two stanzas

"A wind whispers across
words and language until
pausing amid the leaves of
the olive trees.

A wind rustles, feathers,
freshens and cools, like
tiny droplets of water on
parched lips."

Bubba said...

Thank you for showing us the many faces of wind. Nicely done.

DEFINITION: That certain, undefinable quality of the letter "E"

Anonymous said...

what i love about the wind is that you can never describe it for what it is, only for what it does.

nicely done

Steven Marty Grant said...

Some great little jewel like stanzas, I really like this piece

TALON said...

I love the wind. I so enjoyed this poem. :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the flow of this poem... It's so interesting to see how the wind stirs up life in almost everything it touches..
You've put it so beautifully here... I particularly LOVED the 4th stanza, the one about the sands.. it's so vivid and amazing!!!

Monkey Man said...

Wind and the whispering of trees. One can never capture the wind, but you have come as close as anyone can. Wonderful windy imagery.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely written...beautiful effects in the wind. Please send some here, its been incredibly hot...we need breezes ;)


Jenna said...

Great imagery. "tender shoots of plants into / dancing figurines of green ice" - so fabulous. I love the varying personalities you gave the wind. Many thanks for sharing.

Wild Rose said...
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Wild Rose said...

Now this is a great depiction of the wind in so many versions. Never thought anyone could write so much about the wind but you just did. Great job.

P/S Sorry about my typo in the earlier comment :)

Anonymous said...

Really great juxtaposition of images here & beautifully written!