Saturday, August 7, 2010

One Stop Poetry

I've been honored by my online friend Pete Marshall, a poet who blogs at  a site under his own name. Over at One Stop Poetry, which Pete manages with several others, he's said some kind words and published two poems I've written. The first is "Testimony (in the closet)," which I posted on this blog about a year ago. The other is one not previously posted or published, "The Cemetery Attendant."

One Stop Poetry is the brain child of poets Brian Miller, Leslie Moon, Adam Dustus and Pete. Each Wednesday, they've started a "One Shot Wednesday" feature where poets on the web can post a poem they've written. During the rest of the week, they feature poems and poets, like Pete did of me today.

It was Leslie, inf act, who (via Twitter) introduced me to Pete's poetry. Leslie and Pete together led me to One Stop Poetry, where I found Brian's and Adam's poetry. And a whole lot of other poets as well. It is indeed a worldwide web.

Thank you, Pete.


Pete Marshall said...

Hi Glynn..not a was an honour for us too..some great Saturday reads..and thanks for your continued support of my work..gonna tweet this now..thanks for the article..cheers and have a good Saturday and keep up your blog and poetry because it is top notch..all the best Pete

Linda said...

What a well deserved honor Glynn. I'm so delighted for you. I must visit.

Anonymous said...

thank you for introducing me to the kind folks at one stop poetry.

i like the "one shot wednesday" idea.

B. Meandering said...

Congrats on the honor given. Enjoyed both poems--I like the different perspective you give.

I also appreciate the comments you have left on my blog. You have been very encouraging. Thank you.

moondustwriter said...

Glynn- you were one of the first writers who encouraged me on Twitter. You are a gem - always looking for ways to bring a smile into someone's day. You make me smile daily. One Stop is lucky to feature you!!!

Gratitude from the Moon (aka Leslie Moon)

L.L. Barkat said...

Congratulations. Your poetry makes me smile. (Even the sad stuff.)