Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Legal, briefly

The law exists, they say, to
be the precedented conduit, the
moving conveyance of
justice served, meted.
The conduit flows, the
conveyance arrives, when
propelled by, when
fueled by a curious notion
called truth,
in which the broken are
usually not inclinded to
indulge themselves.
If, as the tenured professor
mused to Jesus, there is
no truth, can law function,
can justice be anything but
a flashing neon display of
power of the moment?

This poem is one the contributions to One Shot Poetry for its weekly One Shot Wednesday. Too see other submitted poems, please visit the site. There are some great poems posted every week.


Maureen said...

There is Truth, and then there is "truth" as defined by laws we set sometimes for, sometimes against, ourselves.

Justice by law and justice as meted out via one's own hands do not, necessarily or as a matter of course, accord with His justice, if one believes the latter is achieved on Judgment Day.

Your poem, like your others these past weeks, are thought-provoking.

Like the title a lot.

signed...bkm said...

that is a great question Glynn...one that people have been asking for centuries that is where faith steps in ....bkm

dustus said...

This is a wonderfully thought-provoking poem. Makes me think of post-mod writing about "truth" and authority, which I agree with to a certain extent (e.g., Foucault), though not completely—so difficult to account for qualitative notions affecting human beings and public service institutions like the law. Thanks, Glynn

moondustwriter said...

This folks is a poem, philosophical and theological question wrapped in one!

I love putting on my thinking cap - Glynn

thanks for adding to the One Shot library

Moon smiles

J. said...

Good question! It had me wondering about the intergrity of the conduit...

Great poem!

Anonymous said...

i don't think i would like to see this place, if the Most Powerful did not have any mercy or grace for us.

it will be quite a display when He comes flashing His power and Glory.

i really liked the line...

in which the broken are
usually not inclinded to
indulge themselves

Desert Rose said...

Interesting topic Glynn..you handled it very well,Eloquent write..thanks for sharing with one shot..:)

Brian Miller said...

the line about it not being available to the broken is what got me..because in truth and justice...too oftn it is true...nice oneshot!

Steven Marty Grant said...

I love the idea of condradiction as a poetic device. This is a very good example; great post!

CM said...

I found this very intriguing...I work in the criminal justice field, yet I am a Christian. So who's truth do I believe in? What justice should I be fighting for? Very thought provoking poem which is a good thing! :-)

TALON said...

Truth and justice - not always bedfellows. I enjoyed this poem. It's got me thinking and I like that :)

Pete Marshall said...

an excellent thought provoking piece..truth and justice...controlled by the demands of the mass!!!! a great poem for One shot..cheers pete

Claudia said...

some provoking thoughts you bring to the table - i think truth and justice don't always go hand in hand..

Anonymous said...

Amazing and beautiful, great thoughts:D

M.L. Gallagher said...

The challenge is... we think 'the law' is about the truth when in essence, it's about 'the law'.

Great post Glynn.

gotta ponder me some on this one!

Beachanny said...

My adult life has been spent in the company of attorneys. I believe the questions you pose here are the ones that haunt them every day. What is truth and justice? How can I serve it? How can I realize my ideals when I began the journey to win justice for my clients? It is the test of democracies to continue defining and refining these answers. The journey is dangerous. The outcomes, sadly, are not always fair. You realized the poem very well. Thank you. Gay

Marcus Goodyear said...

The conduit flows, the
conveyance arrives, when
propelled by, when
fueled by...

I like the hesitation of those phrases leading up to the question of truth. Glynn, it amazes me that you just started with this poetry stuff a year ago.

willow said...

Truth is, indeed, a curious notion. Enigmatic and powerful.

PattiKen said...

"...flashing neon display of power of the moment." I suspect there are many behind bars who could tell you a thing or two about this. Very thoughtful poem, Glynn.

Monkey Man said...

Truth is subjective. What is truth to a follower of religion is fallacy to a man of science. Love these poems that bring activity to the mind....and that is my truth.

Anonymous said...

poems that make you go "hmmm..." I love that. very thought provoking!

Timoteo said...

The "flashing neon display of power" hits it right on the head, I think.

Wild Rose said...

Very nicely written and it provokes the mind. Thanks for sharing with oneshot.

Wild Rose~