Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Good Reads

From pirates and a visit to Provence to cosmic bowling, there was a lot of good stuff to read online this past week. This is only a little bit of it.


The Pirate in All of Us” by Gordon McCreary at A Yankee’s Southern Exposure.

The Myth of Autonomy” by Damaris Zehner at Internet Monk.

The Fear of Letting Go” and “A Conversation with God” by Billy Coffey.

A Place Where We Can Talk” by Brian Volck at The Image Journal.

Jerry, Grace and Rosemary” by Rebecca Ramsey at Wonders Never Cease.

Little Girls Should Laugh” by Jeff Jordan at To My Children, if They Are Listening.

Meeting My Neighbor” and "Man, I've Got Stuff"by Michael Perkins at Untitled.

Ode to Provence” by Tom Vowler at How to Write a Novel.

Words” by Kathy Richards.

Parenting in the Storm” by Jessica McGuire at Jezamama.

The Last Scene of the Movie” by Travis Thrasher at The Journey Is Everything.

Homeless Thief” by Kathleen Overby at Almost Paradisical.

Sneaky Words” by Bridget Nilsen at Nilsen Life.

Artist, Heal Thyself” by David Griffith at The Image Journal.


Cosmic Bowling” by Louise Gallagher at Recover Your Joy; photo by Nancy Rosback.

Things have not gone as planned” by Milton Brasher-Cunningham at Don’t Eat Alone.

Movements in Poetry” by Brian Miller at WayStationOne.

The best” by Nancy Rosback at Poems and Prayers.

The letting go of release” by Karen Eck at Karenee Art.

Sliver” by Hadassah Fey at Umbra Vita.

The Noise in the Waiting Room” by Maureen Doallas at Writing Without Paper.

The Grain Bins Heave” by Emily Wierenga at In the Hush of the Moon.

Lighthouse” by Kathleen Overby at Almost Paradisical.

In One Generation” by Monica Sharman at Know-Love-Obey God.

Weather Clock” by Melissa at All the Words.

Hey, Mr. Williams” by Justinian at Delight and Glory and Oddity and Light.

And you!!!” by Lesley Moon at Moondustwriter.

Paintings and Photographs

"Lacamas Meadows," oil on canvas by Randall David Tipton.

August Sunflower” by Steve Gravano at Take a Look Around.

Photograph: Lamp, by Nancy Rosback. Used with permission.


Anonymous said...

yep...i want to check these out.

i am finding out that there is not enough time to visit all the folks that i would like to.
but, coming here on saturday gives me a another chance to connect a little better.

Maureen said...

I like that you keep changing the players a bit. We all get to read someone new that way.

Thank you for including me again.

H. Gillham said...

I love these posts!

You're like a my web browser.


Anonymous said...


S. Etole said...
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S. Etole said...

I've been missing my laptop this week so will be doing some catching up through these ... then off it goes again.

katdish said...

I'm always a little surprised to see myself here among such great posts, but I did like that Words post. Thanks again.