Sunday, August 8, 2010

The seagull calls my name

I walk along the shore, not
too close, not to be touched by
the water. The sand is deeper,
the waves stronger and louder,
the sea-salt smell more pungent
than I expect.
My skin tastes wind mixed
with sun; my eyes feast on
the distant hills framing the
beach like a draped shroud,
although I do not know
if the hills or the distance
are the framing.
I hear the cry and look up as
the lone seagull emerges from
behind the waves and soars,
calling my name.
I look down to see the surf
surging around my legs.

Photograph: Oregon Beach at Sunset by Nancy Rosback. Used with permission.


Lorrie said...

Wonderful words Glynn... I can almost feel them between my tootsies! Nancy's photo is the perfect asset :-)

M.L. Gallagher said...

I'm soaring with you!

Nice. Very nice!

Love nAncY's photo too.

Maureen said...

I really like "if the hills or the distance / are the framing".

This has a deep spiritual feel about it. I see the seagull as metaphor for Him keeping watch.

Linda said...

This is a word picture that sends me back in time to my childhood - where summer vacation found us on the little island where my Aunts lived. Oh the beauty of the lonely stretches of beach and the cry of the sea gulls.
Lovely Glynn.

Anonymous said...

i like this
expression of seeing,
feeling and hearing.
being touched
by the water.
hearing your name

thank you
for using the image.

JC Dude said...

I love the ocean and reading this brought me there...beautiful.

Anonymous said...

This is extremely nice. The words and the picture work together to enrich and enhance; I love it. Of course, I am partial to the sea.


Kathleen Overby said...

smilin' a mermaid smile

Anonymous said...

Hey - I was just there a couple of weeks ago. You are bringing me right back.

Michael said...

Can I be honest and tell you something? I never like poetry until I started reading the poetry you wrote. It makes sense to me and it really has been speaking to me.

Sheila Siler said...


katdish said...

What Michael said...

I've been surprised how much I enjoy the poetry of you and others I have connected with thru HCB. It actually makes sense to me.

And I love the beach. Brings me peace like nothing else.

Deidra said...

a beach poem!
a lovely beach poem...filled with peace and hope!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I like the seagull calling your name, drawing you, unaware, into the surf.