Saturday, March 27, 2010


Glance, leftward, from the screen, and
see, refracting through the pane, a
building, a wall of marble and glass; a
cloud of fog floating from
the smoker’s bench and
dissipating through a tree, an oak,
most likely;
a sky of blue beyond.

Another, leftward but different,
glance, different screen, past
my shelf of books anticipating being
read, to the pane, through the pane, to
holly, magnolias, river birch, cherry,
garden, across the fence to the
neighbor next door;
a sky of blue above.

Two panes, two skies: reminders of
the paned sky within.

"Eastern Washington," photograph by Nancy Rosback. Used with permission.

(This poem was written for the March offering of the Cunning Poets Society, led by nAncY of Poems and Prayers. The prompt was to write either about something you really like or about something happening around you when you are writing. I chose the latter; what's usually happening around me when I write -- at work and home -- is what can be seen through windows.)


Anonymous said...

Oh I like. :)

Maureen said...

I like this, Glynn. The visual imagery is lovely to contemplate, and the sound and conjuring of "paned sky" leave me thinking.

Linda said...

I like this one too Glynn. I love gazing out of the windows - to the old oaks or at the night sky. I'm still contemplating the "paned sky within."

Anonymous said...

i keep feeling the nudge to go over from pane to pain...yet i stay looking through the window, because of the magnolias and the river birch and cherry. until the end, the reminders...i go to thinking about windows and skies and paned sky and things within.

i like the pictures i can see, i like the story of looking through windows hearing what there is. and what more there is to think about that which we can not see.

thank you.

Laura said...

wonderful! i'm still working on mine. but WVU just won!! Final four, baby!

Now maybe I can concentrate.

Louise Gallagher said...

I like the idea of screens and panes. Nice

and thanks for the call-out!


Nancy Goranson said...

Beautifully written and intriguing.