Monday, January 2, 2012

"Dancing Priest" Updates

I know an author who’s feeling especially blessed. A few updates for my novel Dancing Priest:

Amazon now has the paperback priced competitively with Barnes and Noble.

The novel is now listed at Books-A-Million. The listing is basic but is being updated.

News of publication circulated today on the Loop Digest of the American Christian Fiction Writers.

Eight reviews (six five-star and two four-star) have been posted on Amazon’s U.S. site and one five-star review on Amazon’s site in the United Kingdom.

If you haven’t seen it, Laura Boggess wrote a beautiful reflection on the novel last week.

Pastor Michael Perkins included it on his list of “14 news books for your new Kindle” and called it “hands down the best fiction book I’ve read in years.” He posted a review on Amazon as well.

Karin Fendick at His Firefly recommended three books for Christmas, and one of those was Dancing Priest. The others were Billy Coffey’s Paper Angels and L.L. Barkat’s Rumors of Water, so my book is in “tall cotton” as we native Southerners like to say.

Writer Megan Willome also posted a beautiful review at her blog.

Maureen Doallas wrote a two-part interview of me about the book, with one part posted at TweetSpeak Poetry and the other at The High Calling.

I’ve been receiving reader reactions via email. One compared it to the writing of Madeleine L’Engle, which properly blew my socks off. One enjoyed it so much she bought it for her mother-in-law’s new Kindle Fire. Another called it a “cracking read.” Another reader called it a joy to read.

Several said they couldn’t put it down. One of those was my 24-year-old son, who read it virtually straight through (this is my child who lives by texting and doesn’t even read email). Another 20-something, also a young man, sent a note that said the same thing. (That’s two 20-something males who have read what is essentially a love story and enjoyed it.)

So far, the book’s appeal seems to cross generations and include both genders. In addition to the 20-somethings, I’ve heard from people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 80s and even one lady who’s 92 and posted a review on Amazon.

I’m smiling. And feeling very blessed.


Karen Kyle Ericson said...

Woohoo! I'm reading your book now on Chapter 8. It's so good it's the kind of book I want to enjoy for awhile. Something to just relax with. Thanks so much for publishing. Can't wait to finish but I'm really enjoying it.

Bill (cycleguy) said...

I plan to order it from Amazon in the next day or so. Am looking forward to reading it Glynn. Congrats.

Linda said...

I know it is an excellent book when I dread coming to the end. It is wonderful Glynn - the characters, the writing, the story - all of it just so very well done.
My only complaint is the wait until the next book comes out. Hurry!!

diana said...

What a lovely list. And I'm with Linda - hurry. Please.

Maureen said...

Incredible, Glynn, but not really. You deserve all the accolades. So happy for you and Dancing Priest.

Thank you for mentioning our interview.

Megan Willome said...

Tall cotton indeed. Which makes me think of my dad and getting it for him for Valentine's.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see it as a movie.
It would be fun to pick the cast.

S. Etole said...

I agree with Nance ... I could visualize it as a movie as I was reading. May the blessings continue for the new year.

Jerry said...

I just ordered Dancing Priest and have to wait until the 19th to turn it's pages...:( Madeline?! eh? Wow! Congrats again!

caryjo said...

I'm happy for you. It has been a blessing on both sides... writing and reading. Looking forward to more blessings that will roar into your life.